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19.11.2016 Thunderstone & Stratovarius @ Pakkahuone, Tampere (Musicalypse Archive)

A few years ago, STRATOVARIUS did a tour where they played the classic album "Visions" (1997) in its entirety. This year it was "Episode"'s...

26.3.2016 Sanni @ Pakkahuone, Tampere (Musicalypse Archive)

If you look at the Finnish pop scene right now, you’re bound to come across more than a few female singers. While most of...

GALLERY: 26.3.2016 Sanni @ Pakkahuone, Tampere (Musicalypse Archive)

Sanni performing at Pakkahuone in Tampere, March 2016. Sanni Photos by Lene L.Musicalypse, 2016OV: 5264

11.2.2016 Steven Wilson @ Pakkahuone, Tampere (Musicalypse Archive)

Not even a year has passed since progressive rock’s Renaissance man, Steven Wilson, last played in Helsinki. However, he recently paid another visit to...

22.10.2015 At the Hollow & Amorphis @ Pakkahuone, Tampere (Musicalypse Archive)

The new AMORPHIS album, "Under the Red Cloud," came out at the beginning of September and received universal acclaim over here at Musicalypse, so...

13.10.2015 In Flames @ Pakkahuone, Tampere (Musicalypse Archive)

We’d all been wondering where IN FLAMES’ 2015 tour came from. They had already toured their last album, "Siren Charms," here last year, and...

29.11.2013 Soilwork @ Pakkahuone, Tampere (Musicalypse Archive)

The appropriately-titled World Infinity Tour has been sending SOILWORK from North America, through the summer festivals, over to Australia, and finally bounced them back...

06.11.2013 Kamelot @ Pakkahuone, Tampere (Musicalypse Archive)

November 2013 brought KAMELOT to Tampere’s Pakkahuone during their Silverthorn Over Europe Tour following the release of the likewise-named album. This was the first...