SUASION release new single / video “Momentum” feat. Steffi Pacson


SUASION have shared another new single from their upcoming album, “The Infinite.” As they prepare to release their new album, the band reveals a new energetic song with a message behind their tunes where the band shows that they have more to deliver in their series of bangers.
“Momentum” relates to these moments when it seems you’ve reached a state of grace. When everything appears to go your way when your determination is at its peak, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal.

Listen to “Momentum” here 

This one, says vocalist Steven Rassart“is really a turning point in the album as it brings a totally new vibe to the story.”

“We all believe we have completed our mission, found what we were looking for, and there’s only one more thing to do: flying back to earth. We wanted the song filled with optimism and positive energy. For the first time since the beginning of our band’s journey, there’s no doubt that the aim is clear, we know what we have to do, and the most challenging part appears to be behind us. Are we acting a bit naively? Maybe…..”

Julien Dejasse adds: “We’re all super excited for this one as it is our first collaboration with a female vocalist, and Steffi‘s voice brings something unique to it with her powerful, clear, and mastered voice added to Steven’s. She did a fantastic job!”

SUASION blends the raw fury of metalcore with the dramatic and cinematic atmospherics of modern metal. The band inked a worldwide deal with Atomic Fire Records earlier this year, and the series of music videos illustrates SAASION’s discoveries on their mission into outer space that will be revealed within the following music videos within the entire album sequence. SUASION has already impacted the European scene with their previous releases and aesthetic music videos and has played international festivals such as Euroblast Festival, UK Tech-Fest, Jera On Air, Miner Fest, and Kastival

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Steven Rassart | Vocals
Nicolas Pirlet | Guitar
Julien Dejasse | Bass
Virgile Degen | Drums

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