SONG OF THE DAY: Seventh Wonder – The Light


Sweden is a treasure trove of quality metal bands, and that is a fact. No matter what genre you’re into, the Swedish metal scene provides. When it comes to progressive metal, there are but a handful of bands that could be considered better than SEVENTH WONDER and SOEN. As fate would have it, SEVENTH WONDER will have a new album out this summer, “The Testament,” and have already begun the promo campaign by releasing two singles – a teaser in the form of “Warriors,” followed by lead single “The Light.”

SEVENTH WONDER have always had a knack for delivering songs that burrow deep into your brain thanks to beautifully crafted melodies that are meticulously woven into the tightly detailed instrumental arrangements. Those familiar with the band’s formula for writing fast-paced yet catchy melodies with soaring vocals, underpinned by groovy bass lines, should know what to expect from “The Light.” In between Tommy Karevik’s powerful voice and expressive timbre, Andreas Blomqvist’s suave bass, the sanguine lyrics, and gorgeous vocal melodies, this single is as big and bombastic as it is energetic and radiant. The way the music flows together from that opening riff that just lets you know the band means business, to the keyboards that pull you further into the soundscape, to the technical drumming, melodic guitars, and sleek vocals… everything works in tandem to keep the listeners hooked and dancing along to the infectious rhythms, or reflecting on the verses.

I don’t know what is the deal with Swedes, but they seem to possess a natural inclination towards great melodies, and “The Light” more than proves my point. The chorus might just be one of the best they have written since “Waiting in the Wings” came out in 2006, as it channels the same wild and raw energy of the likes of “Banish the Wicked” or “Taint The Sky,” but on a higher level of refinement and technical ability. It puts a big grin on my face every time it comes bouncing back around for another reprise. The song also boasts a whirlwind of bass, guitar, drums, and keyboard interplays, followed by a quieter and darker bridge that makes the final chorus sound even bigger and catchier, thus ending everything on a high. Just these final sections alone speak volumes to the band’s songwriting abilities and desire to further develop their creative skills, while putting every band member in the spotlight. As always, the neat little bass solo is such a nice touch. Deep swinging bass and dazzling synth/keyboards are a big part of their sound, to the point one could argue that it’s the bass that guides the melodies not the vocals or the guitars, with Andreas Söderin’s keys proving extra layers of harmonies. All these trademark elements are on full display on “The Light,” reminding listeners what an underrated band SEVENTH WONDER actually is.

All things considered, it is fair to say that SEVENTH WONDER have just upped the ante when it comes to dynamic songwriting, technical prowess, and melodic groove, as “The Light” is heavy and complex but still drenched in the melody that drives their work. The fact that it is less progressive than most of their earlier works does not make it any less fun and delightful. Enjoy the song and check out the beautiful yet minimalistic video below:  

Written by Andrea Crow