SONG OF THE DAY: Scarlet Dorn – Love Has No Colour But Love


I know Valentine’s Day is not for another couple of months, but let’s talk about love: that wonderful experience that makes life all the more worth living. It’s the most natural feeling for us humans to feel, yet in some communities, it is the most debated and even denied emotion. With recent single “Love Has No Colour But Love,” German band SCARLET DORN shine a light on these negative aspects, trying to make people understand that love is love, regardless of gender, race, creed, or anything else. The single is taken from its 2021 release, “Blood Red Bouquet.

Boasting a playful, warm, and sanguine atmosphere, the single is as colorful as the accompanying music video. The song starts on gentle piano and soft vocals, which are actually the melodic backbone of the song. Some upbeat instrumentation pops up here and there, especially during the hooky chorus sections, to elevate the music and make it more dance-friendly. One might argue that this single is more pop than metal, and they might be somewhat right in their assumption. “Love Has No Colour But Love” is not a heavy song by any means, but it does have an uplifting message about unity and affection, as well as a wonderful feel-good vibe, and I think that more than makes up for any aggressive guitars or powerful drums.

In the end, good music is good music regardless of the heaviness factor (or lack thereof) and “Love Has No Colour But Love” is definitely a great single that is worth checking out. It’s the type of song that can put someone in a good mood almost instantly, so just press play and make your day all the more beautiful with this delightful piece of music and its whimsical video.

Written by Andrea Crow