SONG OF THE DAY: Save the Noize – Save the Noize


The music industry is no stranger to artists coming together to help out with various charity organizations/projects by giving that specific cause a wonderful soundtrack. Remember 1985’s Live Aid or, in recent times, Tarja’s “Feliz Navidad,” SHINEDOWN’s “Atlas Falls,SYSTEM OF A DOWN’s “Protect the Land,” or PROJECT AEGIS’ And the Rest Is Mystery” among many others? No matter what, musicians were always there to raise awareness, gather funds, and lend a helping hand. This time the tables have turned and artists have banned together, under the moniker SAVE THE NOIZE, to save their craft and artistry as a result of the pandemic shutting down the live music industry and thus directly affecting their livelihood.    

  To quote straight from the press release “Save The Noize is a music charity project started by the rock band VELVET INSANE together with Rasmus Harnesk Wiklund (VERITAS), for the benefit of the Swedish Musicians’ Association’s Crisis Fund and involves some of the Nordic region’s greatest artists in the rock & hard rock genre. The idea was born during the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit everyone hard, not least musicians in Sweden and all around the globe.” Needless to say that all the proceeds generated by this single will go to that fund.

With a title coined by Michael Sweet (CRASHDIET) and with lyrics written by Erik Modin (WILDNESS) and Michael Sweet, “Save the Noize” is a hard rock anthem with a strong and relevant message at heart – save the music, save the live music scene. This song doesn’t really work as a plea or as a grievance of any kind, but acts more like a statement on the status quo with the artists saying that push has come to shove and now they have to take matters into their own hands. “We’ve got no choice / We got to save the noize” says the chorus, and rightly so as this is how things seem to be in the industry.

However, “Save the Noize” is a pretty optimistic and uplifting song that may make the ones listening want to dance, headbang, and sing along. Supported by a groovy guitar melody and anchored by a big, hefty chorus, it starts off with quite a memorable riff that slowly becomes the melodic backbone of the song. The drums keep a steady rhythm that allows for the vocal melody to develop nicely as more than a dozen singers, bring the true message of the song to life – “We’re united, and we are strong / We’re all in this together / Fighting for the world where we all belong.

And this sense of unity and camaraderie is what every listener should take away from “Save the Noize.” Sure, the industry is in, more or less, a standstill at the moment but together we will get through this unfortunate situation. This idea of determination is made abundantly clear with the lyrics “So many miles between us, gotta fight to say alive / With the power of a billion voices” which also enhances the emotional side of the song. The accompanying video does a great job of capturing all these emotions as so many faces full of hope and trust in a better tomorrow echo the sentiment that PINK FLOYD expressed with the lyrics “Together we stand / Divided we fall” in the song “Hey You” (from 1979’s “The Wall”).

If ever there was a cause to get behind, first and foremost as music fans, then this has got to be it. So, check the video below, courtesy of Sound Pollution Distribution, rock out, spread the word, and let’s do our best to save the noise!   

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Written by Andrea Crow