SONG OF THE DAY: League of Legends – Burn it All Down (ft. Pvris)


Our recent Song of the Day featured the new Swedish eSports theme as done by AMARANTHE, which reminded me that there was another eSports song released this year that deserves some attention. League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game whose music is done by RIOT GAMES MUSIC, and whose most recent release, “Burn it All Down,” features vocals from Lynn Gunn of PVRIS fame, which is also today’s Song of the Day.

I have to admit that I was a big fan of PVRIS when their debut, “White Noise,” came out in 2014 and we managed to see them opening for BRING ME THE HORIZON at Kaapelitehdas, but alas, I’ve been deeply unimpressed with everything they’ve done on the two albums they’ve released since, with their sound feeling a bit more generic/mainstream/poppy than I would hope. With this in mind, hearing Gunn‘s fabulous voice again in a different setting was a true treat when this song came out.

The song has a lot of electronic elements and a really catchy, danceable-yet-powerful beat that suits Gunn‘s style very nicely, while also maintaining a very gamer-centric energy that is necessary when you’re wanting to get people hyped up for the Worlds 2021 competition. The song is also accompanied by an AMV (anime/animated music video) that features some of the games heroes in a pretty action-packed epic battle that, if you don’t know much about the game, is liable to still intrigue listeners with its brilliant animation. If you’re looking for an easy step into game music, this is a no-brainer thanks to its fantastic style and strong electropop sensibilities.

We hope that RIOT GAMES MUSIC continue to take the necessary steps to improve their workplace atmosphere for everyone.