SONG OF THE DAY: Lacrimas Profundere – Obscurity


Since Oliver Schmid revamped the band with Julian Larre as lead singer, I feel like LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE can do no wrong. Bold statement, I know, but the two albums released with him on vocal duties – 2019’s melancholy “Bleeding the Stars” and 2022’s grittier “How to Shroud Yourself with Night” – stand as an undeniable testament to the band’s current status on the metal scene. To somewhat sweeten the wait until their newest album comes out, they recently released a brand new single, “Obscurity,” which has been on constant rotation in my playlist these last few weeks.  

The song is not really that new, actually, as it is an outtake from the writing sessions for “How to Shroud Yourself with Night” that didn’t make the cut for the album’s final tracklist. Given the song’s poppy chorus and the album’s more somber nature, leaving it out is quite understandable. However, I am glad that they worked on it, finalized it, and, now released it, as it is a real earworm. From the guitar melody at the beginning, through the subdued verses all the way to the hooky chorus section and occasional screamed lines, the song is as melodic as it is dark, and very much on par with the album’s theme. The wonderful layering of clean vocals underneath the growls makes the chorus feel fuller and, again, ties in with the vocal work on the album. On top of everything, there’s a Gothic ambiance that just enhances the music and makes it all the more alluring.

It may be a simple and straightforward song when it comes to its structure but thanks to its melody and seductive vocal delivery, it enthralls the listeners. It also serves as another example of the band’s versatility with their brand of Gothic metal as well as a great delivery on their promise to expand their soundscape and push the boundaries of the genre. Check it out at the link below:   

Written by Andrea Crow