SONG OF THE DAY: Lacrimas Profundere – A Cloak Woven of Stars


German Gothic metal act LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE has recently released the poetically-titled but super energetic “A Cloak Woven of Stars.” This is the first single to be released from their upcoming album, “How to Shroud Yourself with Night.” The follow-up to the critically acclaimed hit album “Bleeding the Stars” (2019) will be out on August 26, 2022, via SPV/Steamhammer.

The song follows a pretty standard formula for a single in this genre of metal, as it mostly plays on the clean/harsh vocal juxtaposition, making the most of that dynamic. However, the delivery of the music and vocal lines warrant all the replays it has gotten so far on YouTube, as well as all the additions to various playlists across different streaming platforms. In between Oliver Nikolas Schmid’s uplifting guitar riffs and melodies, Dominik Scholz’s wonderful backing percussion and subtle drumming, and a dark ambiance that just ties everything together nicely, this song flows incredibly well. Julian Larre makes very good use of his sleek lower register in the verses and just lets it rip in the chorus, kicking everything into high gear. The transition from the understated, somber verses to the high-energy choruses is well-executed, as the choruses always land with an explosion of energy. The vocal layering invariably adds depth to the music whenever used, but here it is overlaid on the harsh vocals to create a cool echo effect. The chorus is the heartbeat of the song and I am totally fine with listening to that part on repeat.

Julian Larre’s versatility as a singer is currently LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE‘s biggest strength and one of the main reasons “Bleeding the Stars” (the band’s first album with him on vocals) was the monster hit that it was, and one of my personal favorites from 2019. An excellent vocalist unfailingly elevates the music they sing and Julian Larre’s delivery on “Bleeding the Stars” showcases him as one of the best up-and-coming musicians. His style and dynamic range have enabled the band to create many different soundscapes by making use of everything in their singer’s arsenal, from beautiful cleans (either lows or highs) to harsh vocals, all the way to screams. The accomplishment of “Bleeding the Stars” has raised the bar by a mile and, needless to say, there are high expectations for “How to Shroud Yourself with Night.” But… they have the talent to pull off another marvelous record, which will hopefully be just as varied (and successful) as its predecessor.

Talking about the album, guitarist and main composer Oliver Nikolas Schmid had this to say:

“The new material sounds fresh, wicked, surprising, and more passionate than ever before. It’s also the second chapter with our singer Julian, who has inspired us and played a major part in the creation of the album. We understand what he likes and have broken away from old thought patterns and ways of doing things. Never before have we been such a tight unit, always ready to expand our own sound. That’s precisely why ‘How to Shroud Yourself with Night’ has turned into our most spirited work by far.”

“A Cloak Woven of Stars” is such a great appetizer for what is to come with its up-tempo melodies, incredible energy, and fantastic dynamics. Check out the video below and get ready to dance, headbang, or play air guitar to the song’s infectious rhythms.

Written by Andrea Crow