SONG OF THE DAY: Halestorm – Back from the Dead


After 3 years of relative silence following the release of their highly acclaimed fourth album, 2018’s “Vicious,” American hard rock band HALESTORM are back. Staying true to themselves, the new single tackles their absence head-on while assuring fans that they are here to stay. “Back from the Dead” was released on August 18th, 2021, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for?

Tongue-in-cheek lyrics merge with a solid instrumental foundation that makes rock sound just as heavy as metal. Lzzy Hale’s signature scream opens up the song on top of wicked guitars and pounding drums that don’t let up until the end. It goes without saying that Lzzy Hale’s powerful voice is the driving force of the track, backed up by Arejay Hale’s rhythmic drumming and Joe Hottinger’s impressive guitar work. There’s a neat melody in the chorus that offsets the heaviness of the music and makes it easier for fans to sing along to the lyrics. As always the solo is kick-ass, injecting melody and energy into the track. There’s a nice melodic break towards the end of the song, as the tempo drops and the instruments quiet down, leaving just Lzzy’s soft singing. It makes the next section feel even bigger than it actually is, as she lets out one of the powerful screams I have ever heard from her, before a final reprise of the chorus. The accompanying video serves the song perfectly, being just as gritty and dark as the music, illustrating the main idea of the lyrics in vivid images.

It is safe to say that HALESTORM is back with a vengeance. “Back from the Dead” hits the sweet-spot by merging all the trademark elements that have made the band a force to be reckoned with a decade ago into one rocking, nifty survival anthem. For a band that haven’t really changed their sound, this single feels fresh and raw, bringing new energy to the band. Hit play on the video below and rock out!

Written by Andrea Crow