SONG OF THE DAY: Gnome – Wenceslas


This year, I stumbled upon an absolute gem: GNOME. Despite their name, they’re far from small when it comes to music. Their fusion of irresistible hooks, thundering guitars, and a rhythm section that hits like a ton of bricks creates this amazing blend of stoner, prog, and hard rock. It’s been such an exciting discovery for me!

This Belgian trio has been turning heads since their debut in 2018 with “Father of Time.” Hailing from Antwerp, they’ve been conquering stages across Europe with their Lego-like riffs and unforgettable live shows that’ll leave your shins tingling. Now, with their second album “King,” they’ve upped the ante.

“King” unveils a bigger, heavier sound from them, packing in more vocals without ever losing sight of what they’re after: that ultimate, golden riff. It’s like they’ve expanded their sonic universe while staying true to their quest for musical greatness.

One tune on that list really got me hooked from the start – GNOME‘s “Wenceslas.” I didn’t know about the band before, but I was instantly taken by their cool mix of groovy, doomy riffs, funky dance vibes, and those slightly goofy lyrics. The music video was a riot, perfect for these festive days. I mean, seriously, what could be better than catchy riffs, some silly dancing, and everyone rocking red hats? It was just absolute fun, no two ways about it!

Written by Peter Jerman