SONG OF THE DAY: Ghost – Twenties


When it comes to Swedish heavy metal act GHOST, you can never know what to expect. It’s one of those bands that has a distinct sound, yet sometimes they just release oddities that you’d never expect to come out from a band like that. An example is their latest single, “Twenties.” It’s one of those songs that is so incredibly strong that you remember the first time you listened to it! Let’s dive into it more…

“Twenties” starts off with what is – for a metal band – a strange intro with a slight nod to classic music from the 1920s, which was infused with jazz and swing. A lot of people in the past 2 years have been alluding to the fact that once the pandemic is done, the new Roaring Twenties are starting again. 2 years have passed and we’re still waiting for things to be roaring. Lyrically, the twenties seem to refer to the contemporary twenties, you know, the ones that we’re currently living in. This is made clear by including references to things Trump has said during his short-spanned career as the president – which makes the entire song so much more fun and ingenious to listen to (for instance: “Not Fighting a War is For Suckers” and “Grab ‘Em All by the Hoohaas”).

Musically, what surprised me most about “Twenties” is just the fact that it seems like a very experimental song for GHOST. If you compare this track to the previously released singles like “Call Me Little Sunshine,” there is something slightly darker and edgier about this track. It’s also something that is not as easy to listen to as songs like “Dance Macabre,” “Rats,” or “Square Hammer,” yet it is incredibly catchy in its own way and it will be a fun track to switch things up on the album. The influences coming from jazz and swing make this song slightly reminiscent of a band like DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA, who always tend to create refreshing songs, integrating those eras in music. It’s the kind of track that really makes me excited to listen to the rest of the album, as who knows what other gems it will include that will either blow our minds or, like this song, surprise us so much that it makes the world a little bit brighter even when it’s at its darkest.