If there’s anything that Sweden does pretty well, it’s infusing their metal with otherworldly poppy vibrations… and now there’s a new player on the field: DAMPF. This supergroup founded by Martin “E-Type” Erikson features members of SABATON, HAMMERFALL, and AMON AMARTH; in short, they’re here to stay – just like the many poppy and hooky melodies that their debut single, “The Other Side,” is infused with!

I bet that E-Type is high on the list of people’s guilty pleasures in the metal scene, so it comes as no surprise that while many probably expected E-Type‘s comeback to be something quite else, the metal scene is welcoming him with open arms! “The Other Side” is a perfect single to illustrate how pop music (Eurodance) and metal can go hand-in-hand when you balance things out properly. What I was most surprised about in this track is that, while it does include some electronic sounds and keyboards, they don’t steal the show, as is often the case with ’90s pop music. “The Other Side” is fairly guitar-driven and focuses on the simple yet effective vocals, which come together in a beautiful and powerful chorus. As a result, it’s the perfect song to put on repeat for hours and hours on end.

There’s even more great news, as DAMPF are also having shows in Finland this summer, making their very first festival appearances. Judging by this song, they’ll be one of the most-anticipated live bands to catch this festival season!

18.6. Helsinki, Rock in the City
7.7. Oulu, Rock in the City
8.7. Tampere, Sauna Open Air
14.7. Gävle, Gefle Metal Festival, (Sweden)
29.7. Kerava, Rock in the City