SONG OF THE DAY: Classless Act – Give it to Me


Don’t you just love coming across a song that puts a big ol’ grin on your face? That’s what “Give it to Me” by CLASSLESS ACT did to me the first time I heard it. How did I hear about it? Well, that’s a bit of a long story that I’ll tell another time, but what’s important is that this song is a lot of fun and you should listen to it! Why? Because it’s got great energy and that pure stick-it-to-the-man vibe that comes with a healthy dose of confidence and a healthier lack of ego. In fact, it’s so chalk full of fun that it’s hard to do anything but rock out/dance!

Stay tuned for our interview with Derek Day, coming soon!

Fans outside of LA might not know much about these guys just yet, but we’re hoping to help change that! Made up of equal parts talent and enthusiasm, CLASSLESS ACT are already signed to Billboard’s #1 label of 2020, Better Noise Music, and they also had a residency in Marina Del Ray at the Killer Yacht Club. Sadly, us in Europe likely only know of them if we’ve discovered this single.

“Give it to Me” is short, sharp, and sweet, at just under 3 minutes in length, but it doesn’t feel brief because it packs a lot in that time. It opens on a drum fill as the guitars bash in and it isn’t long before vocalist Derek Day pops in and starts singing. His voice is hard to describe, as it’s not “high” like Hannes Kett (SHIRAZ LANE) per se – it’s not a scream or a wail – and it’s got a hint of that rasp, like Axl Rose had in his high notes back in the day, though Derek doesn’t sound like a clone by any means. There’s a hint of that sound that many of AC/DC‘s (and AIRBOURNE‘s) singers all have, though not as… annoying. Meanwhile, the guitars are stylish and rockin’ as they play together and solo a bit, and the drum beat is groovy. I’d love to hear a little more bass, but that could also be caused by my speakers. There’s a lot of style and flare shown off in this short little track, so if it doesn’t grasp you, this just might not be your genre.

Lyrically, this song may sound like innuendo on the surface, but what this really is, is a fan song. You know, one of those great songs that a fresh new band casts out in order to lure fans in… quite literally! Did you happen to catch those lyrics yet? What they need is your energy, so they can give it back, exchange it. Give it to them, because your love is the drug and you got what they need! All of those lyrics are about their desire to rock and make listeners happy. I don’t know about you, but this song sure as hell makes me happy, so at least they’re off to a good start!

And hey, if that’s not your jam, you can always try out the acoustic version? Equally quirky, but much softer…