REVIEW: Where’s My Bible – M’n’R


Formed in 2014 in HeinolaWhere’s My Bible has so far marched a successful path towards releasing their debut album “M’n’R”, which came out earlier this year. In 2016 the band released a first EP called “The Beginning”. Winning the Tuska-Torstai competition, the band made their way to the stage at the renowned Tuska Open Air in 2017. The band has released their debut album “M’n’R” a little while ago through Inverse Records. M’n’R stands for Mosh ‘n’ Roll, which is a unique blend of punk, rock, thrash and death metal.


On this very first album, Where’s My Bible mix a healthy dosage of punk, rock, thrash and death metal until it becomes a unique blend. First of all, “M’n’R” definitely is as big on energy as it is on heaviness, most clear in songs like “Speedload”, “Absinth”, and “Transcendence”. On the other side of the coin, there are a lot of songs that are also groovy on this album. “Dancefloor”, for example, and a song like “Meatholder” are songs that really bring you out to bang your head or start a moshpit. If you ask about my personal highlight of the album, then I’ll point you in the direction of “Meatholder”. That song has all the ingredients right: it’s heavy, it’s groovy and it’s somehow surprisingly catchy.

So what is it that you can expect from this album? A lot of aggressive, heavy-ass riffs, groovy basslines, strong vocals with a lot of variety in there and sometimes surprising elements like electronics, beautiful melodies etc. Where’s My Bible is not afraid to experiment in their debut album, but at the same time they are consistent in what they do and their sound doesn’t go all over the place.

All-in-all the album offers a great blend of music that will definitely get you moving. After listening to this album several times, I now understand why the band won the Tuska Torstai competition in 2017, this music must sound great live, and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future, or see them play a show sometime.

1. Intro
2. Speedload
3. Dancefloor
4. Absinthe
5. Interlude
6. Meatholder
7. Me Myself and I
8. Transcendence
9. Failure (feat. Leevi Luoto) – Bonus Track

Jussi Matilainen – vocals
Toni Hinkkala – guitar
Pasi Löfgren – guitar
Jarno Laakkonen – bass
Antti Jokinen – drums