REVIEW: Weightless World – The End of Beginning



Founded in 2011, WEIGHTLESS WORLD, the melodic metal band from Jyväskylä recently released their debut album "The End of Beginning". The band was kind to send us a copy of their very first full-length album, so we spinned it a couple of times. 

I read the press release, and what the band is trying to do, but when I listened to the first real song "Savior", I was caught by surprise. Somehow, the clean vocals on the album, vaguely remind me of Japanese acts like ONE OK ROCK. From the start it's clear that the band offers entertaining compositions, that are surprisingly catchy.  One thing that also surprised me is not only the poppy choruses, but the way the band integrates different sounds, genres and moods in their album: proggy sections, work together with more metalcore based melodic sections, and then are combined with heavy metal guitar solos, as an example take "Savior", there's a very metalcore like structure starting from 2:40, which then transitions into a part that could have easily been written by the prog rock band YES. "Dragon's Fire" is a poppy, catchy song that will definitely stick with you. "Guillotine", again brings forward the metalcore edge in the music.  "Fat Lady" has an eerie operatic intro that induces goosebumps, only to then go into a groovy crushing riff, I think maybe this song is my personal highlight of the album. "The Pair" offers a little break after such a heavy song, what seemingly starts as a ballad, soon turns into a slow burn with edgy riffs. The album ends with the longest track on the album "The End of Beginning", a song that transitions smoothly from a calm, beautiful melodic song into a heavier, gloomy song, and seems to really work as an ending song. 

In "The End of Beginning" WEIGHTLESS WORLD showcase that they are very creative as songwriters. The songs are filled with great, and creative ideas. The melodies on the album are outstanding, and there are some great guitar solos, and riffs in there. What could use a little bit more fine-tuning, however, are the vocals. As much as I enjoy Perttu Korhonen's voice, his accent once in a while prevents me from understanding the lyrics very well. That's the only "beef" I have with "The End of Beginning", but it's definitely something the band can work on for future releases. All-in-all "The End of Beginning" is a very creative, and promising first album, and I highly recommend it to fans of melodic metal, and metalcore. 


Tino Kantoluoto - Bass
Juuso Oinonen - Guitars & backing vocals
Perttu Korhonen - Lead vocals
Kari Rannila - Drums
Valtteri Viinikka - Guitars, growls & backing vocals


1. 59
2. Savior
3. Dragon’s Fire
4. Guillotine
5. Fat Lady
6. The Pair
7. Colors
8. Tides
9. The End of Beginning