REVIEW: TØRRENTIAL – Chameleon Wasteland



Sometimes really interesting projects reach out to us, to write a review. This time it was TØRRENTIAL from Oulu who reached out to us if we could check out the recently released "Chameleon Wasteland". Like its name, the EP has many faces. With no regard of the foundations of each genres, "Chameleon Wasteland" perfectly blends in intriguing types of music together, a fusion that works well, and stands throughout the four songs: Jazz, progressive metal, alternative metal, altogether "Chameleon Wasteland" offers an artistic experience, where you get to immerse yourself into the music. Now, as you can tell there is also the word wasteland present in the title, and that altogether is what the music expresses, it's heavy, it's dark, and there's a certain feeling of emptiness present that I can't put my finger on. So, if you like experimental music, fusion, with a heavy side connected to it, you will certainly love TØRRENTIAL


  1. The Solid Ground 
  2. Home Anew 
  3. Hyphen
  4. The Quicksand