REVIEW: Visions of Atlantis – Wanderers


With a brand new lineup, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, released their album “The Deep & The Dark”, after a five-year gap. The band is already back to release a brand new album named “Wanderers”, out on 30 August 2019 through Napalm Records. One change in the VISIONS OF ATLANTIS camp is the Italian vocalist Michele Guaitoli who has joined the ranks, and taken over the role of Siegfried Samer.

“Not all those who wander are lost” – the infamous quote by author J.R.R Tolkien, describes the general idea of the album’s concept. VISIONS OF ATLANTIS’ seventh album offers a fascinating musical and lyrical journey across the untamed seas along a powerful path towards self-discovery. Beware though, if you’re expecting an album based on the magnificent “Lord of the Rings”, then this couldn’t be further away from that while basing their thematics on a quote, the album, in reality, has very little to do with J.R.R. Tolkien‘s “Lord of the Rings”.

The album begins with “Release My Symphony”, which already sheds light on what we can expect from “Wanderers”. It continues in the same style as “The Deep & The Dark”, but the orchestrations are perhaps more ambitious than ever. After a great start, the band continues with the slower “Heroes of the Dawn”, which has a beautiful dialogue between the two singers and the two singers are an excellent combination.

“Nothing Lasts Forever” starts beautifully with a piano accompanying Clémentine, simple and fragile. The song, afterwards, progresses into a powerful ballad with a lot of atmosphere and emotion. For people enjoying ballads, a great moment on the album. For people like me, probably a bit too much Disney. “A Journey To Remember” picks up the fast pace again, and continues in the same trend as the beginning of the album. The song has a beautiful, and catchy chorus. In the same line. “To The Universe” slows the tempo down a bit, and is probably one of my personal highlights in this album, it’s a track where singer Clémentine Delauney can truly shine in the chorus.

“The Silent Scream” has a touch of NIGHTWISH in the intro section, but then turns into a hard-hitting VISIONS OF ATLANTIS song. Another highlight for me is the Oriental-infused “The Siren & The Siren”, a song that encaptures a lot of beautiful melodies. The title track starts with a piano intro that reminds me a little bit of the piano version of RAMMSTEIN‘s hit “Mein Herz Brennt”, in the sense that it induces chills and an eerie feeling. The title track then continues in a breathtaking song. I personally believe that the album actually could have just ended with this song, it would have left me lingering, but the band continues with “At The End Of The World”, another fast-paced energetic song. The song is a great one, however, it kind of killed the atmosphere the title track had built up for me.

All-in-all VISIONS OF ATLANTIS have managed to create beautiful melodies, carried by the amazing duets between Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli. “Wanderers” offers the listener an atmospheric journey, with its grand orchestrations, and magical soundscapes. The band has managed to create an album which contains very diverse tracks, that works well as a whole.


Clémentine Delauney – Vocals
Michele Guaitoli – Vocals
Christian Douscha – Guitar
Herbert Glos – Bass
Thomas Caser – Drums


  1. Release My Symphony
  2. Heroes Of The Dawn
  3. Nothing Lasts Forever
  4. A Journey To Remember
  5. A Life Of Our Own
  6. To The Universe
  7. Into The Light
  8. The Silent Scream
  9. The Siren & The Sailor
  10. Wanderers
  11. At The End Of The World



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