REVIEW: Strike At Once – Sink Or Swim


A little while ago crossover/metalcore act  STRIKE AT ONCE released their EP "Sink or Swim". The EP expresses that it is the way of life to have ups and downs. Our attitude decides if we will sink down or if we will keep ourselves on the surface. Even though the EP is not a concept album, it's the main thought and it inspired the lyrics.

The first song "Break You Down", starts off smoothly by combining compelling riffs with spoken vocals that then turn right into growls. The song consists out of groovy riffs, that get pushed forward by the pounding drums. The clean vocals in the chorus add more depth to the songs. The next song "Good Enough" continues to a great extent in the same way. Of all four songs, "Obey", for me has the most interesting ideas, and offers the highlight of the album. It's the kind of song that will get you into a mosh pit during a gig. The band continues with "Shallow", the last track of the EP, which ends the album in a consistent manner.    

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the metalcore genre, there were enough elements in the album from other genres, such as groove metal, that captured my attention in this release. The best part of the EP, was the groovy guitar riffs, that really stood out to me. "Sink Or Swim" offers a promising start with a lot of great ideas, the band could still fine-tune their sound a bit more in the future, but I'm definitely looking forward to what STRIKE AT ONCE will develop in. 




1. Break You Down
2. Good Enough
3. Obey
4. Shallow