REVIEW: Strike At Once – EP: Bloom


It’s been a while since I have discovered a young band that pleasantly surprised me with their rebellious sound. Finnish crossover metal act STRIKE AT ONCE did just that with four track EP “Bloom,” out since February 19th, 2021. These four from Hämeenlinna have been constructing their own sound by blending different genres, and it’s fascinating to listen to their progress.

The EP opens strong with ”Garden,” a compelling mix of styles that immediately displays what STRIKE AT ONCE stands for. Melodious clean guitars are contrasted by harsh, guttural vocals in a surprising duet. It takes a few listens to really appreciate what the band does here, but once you get into it, you’ll be ready for more. “Relentless” follows through with groovy riffs, and the vocals really come into their own here. This groove metal inspired track has a raw edge to it, and it only gets heavier from now on. The next track, “Torch,” leans more towards the death metal spectrum. Riddled with specks of metalcore, it brings yet another dimension to the record.

Compared to earlier work like closing track “No Place Like Home,” it’s clear that the band has matured. If they continue on this path, we are sure to expect great things from them. They are able to bring small nuances and ideas to their music that are very promising for the future. Fans of many different genres can find recognition in “Bloom,” and will have fun discovering all its elements. I’m looking forward to hearing more from STRIKE AT ONCE.

Written by Jana DB


  1. Garden
  2. Relentless
  3. Torch
  4. No Place Like Home


Lukas Gaspar – Vocals
Juuso Majamaa – Guitar
Erno Koivuniemi – Drums
Eetu Wallin – Bass