REVIEW: Rings Of Saturn – Gidim


Originally starting as a side project, RINGS OF SATURN went from being a studio project to a fully-fledged touring band. The extreme metal band now is ready to release their latest album “Gidim” on 25 October 2019.

RINGS OF SATURN has created a consistent album with a lot of fast and furious breakdowns, aggressive riffs, and quirky atmospheric sounds that allude to their sci-fi themed metal. In the midst of the almost insane shred fast, the band has also managed to make “Gidim” somewhat melodic, present in songs like “Bloated and Stiff”, and “Mental Prolapse”. The former has some of the best sweep picking riffs the band has ever created, the latter is definitely one of the highlights of the album and has really a captivating melody you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be on this album. The triplet filled “Tormented Consciousness”, is rhythmically one of the more interesting tracks, with great vocal delivery.

All-in-all “Gidim” flows very easily and feels like a very fast record. Due to the technicality of the music, sometimes the tracks can feel a little bit repetitive, but in general, all the tracks breathe skilled musicianship due to the extremely fast shredding, and experimental approach to the genre. Definitely, an album to look forward to if you’re a fan of the genre!


01. Pustules [feat. Charles Caswell | BERRIED ALIVE]
02. Divine Authority
03. Hypodermis Glitch [feat. Dan Watson | ENTERPRISE EARTH; appearing courtesy of eOne Music]
04. Bloated And Stiff
05. Tormented Consciousness [feat. Yo Onityan]
06. The Husk
07. Mental Prolapse
08. Genetic Inheritance
09. Face Of The Wormhole
10. Gidim (Instrumental)


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