REVIEW: RiESA – EP: Paholaisen Musiikkia


The mash-up of Metal, Punk, and Horror that upcoming Seinäjokian band RiESA bring is right up my alley! We did an interview with them a while back, about the new EP “Paholaisen Musiikkia” (“The Devil’s Music”), released a month ago on November 1st (yes, around Halloween of course). This is RiESA’s pièce de résistance after prelude “Ämpäreitä ja sirkushuveja” (“Buckets and circus fun”) last year.

Every day is Halloween with this terrible trio (the look they are going for conveys that they may or may not be serial killers) consisting of Matias Molli (vocals, bass), Peetu Olli (guitar), and Kuja-Kolli (drums). This recent EP is the result of a slow cooking process that was already going on backstage when the band released their debut in 2018. Now the (human??) meat is tender and ready to be served. Do we like the finished recipe?

The EP has five actual full-length songs, not counting the intro “Miksei Intro Soi?”. Well, it’s alive! The creepy intro sets the tone quite nicely for the horrorfest to come. “Keihoviisu” creates no illusions, this is going to be a straightforward slaughter, with fast-paced riffs and an endless stream of aggressive energy, pinning the listener to the wall. “Pahasta” gets more into Hardcore Punk, with some raw, brutal screams by Matias Molli delightfully massacring my eardrums. Next up we have another style shift into slightly more proggy spheres with “Hullut Hurtat”, whereas the following “Narri” emphasizes the playful side of the band, which, aside from the horror imagery and style layers, is a big unifying factor.

However, my absolute favorite must be the surprise at the end, called “Hae Manalta Blues”. As the title betrays, some bluesy vibes are added in the otherwise impressive mix of styles, and it adds a splurge of humorous insanity that makes this a very memorable closer. Talking about insanity, the main message I get from RiESA is that “the devil’s music” is a welcome difference from more of the same old songs. Nostalgia is a good thing, but getting a little crazy always brings out innovation that is needed to push any genre forward. I think the aforementioned madness must be even more impressive to witness live on stage, and I am looking forward to questioning my sanity while watching RiESA perform!


  1. Miksei Intro Soi?
  2. Keihoviisu
  3. Pahasta
  4. Hullut Hurtat
  5. Narri
  6. Hae Manalta Blues


Matias Molli – Vocals, Bass
Peetu Olli – Guitar
Kuja-Kolli – Drums




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