REVIEW: Resonance – Out of the Silence


At the end of this week on the 13th, Helsinki-based Modern Metal/Metalcore band RESONANCE is set to release their debut album, “Out of the Silence”, through Inverse Records. I can almost hear you think: ‘Another Metalcore band?’, but hear me out… The band’s signature sound is all about brutal yet technical, melodic riffs with raw, emotional vocals. They had previously released the title track as a single, accompanied by a music video as a teaser for the upcoming debut. The catchy chorus got me all excited to preview the rest for you. So here you go!

Since the band released the “Day Of Days” EP three years ago, I don’t think anyone had any doubt about their heaviness, but still, the Djent-inspired yet Metalcore-infested verse of “Shattered Inside” managed to blow me away. Those unclean vocals by Esa Salminen are out of this world. I personally prefer them over his clean singing, just because they are so deeply emotional, and therefore difficult to match. He does, however, absolutely nail both on “Faded Memory”, and I appreciate the creativity of the vocal role reversals (screams as backing vocals or the other way around). I also really loved the guest performance by Sara Strömmer (FEAR OF DOMINATION) on “The One”. She gets the chance to really shine, with bright cleans as well as signature growls as the beauty to Salminen’s beast.

It definitely shows that all band members have a lot of musical experience with a lot of different influences. Those influences are present throughout the album’s general atmosphere and sound, making for an intriguing listen. I hear characteristics of Black Metal in the opening of “Drained”, Prog in “Faded Memory” and “Lie”, and even hints of Death Metal in the heaviest song on the album, “Final Exit”. This final track blasts the roof off with sheer power, while at the same time bravely throwing in a random saxophone, showcasing what RESONANCE is truly capable of.

I have to be honest, this debut is nothing I haven’t heard before, but that doesn’t mean I am immediately writing it off. The balance between various contrasting style elements keeps things interesting, and – besides that – “Out of the Silence” is simply the product of thought through, experienced musicianship. If you would ask me for a recommendation, the tracks with the most individual potential must be “Wasteland”, with its consistent melodiousness and melancholy-driven riffs, or previously mentioned “Faded Memory”, with its stable framework and best vocals on the album. RESONANCE doesn’t have all their strengths set in stone yet, but this release can definitely be the foundation for the band to keep building their own identity.


1. Shattered Inside
2. Drained
3. Another World
4. The One (Featuring Sara Strömmer)
5. Faded Memory
6. Wasteland
7. Out of the Silence
8. Lie
9. Final Exit


Esa Salminen – Vocals
Petteri Peltomäki – Guitar
David Forder – Bass
Joni Huovila – Drums


Inverse Records


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