REVIEW: Lucifer – V


In the expansive realm of modern music, where many bands struggle to forge a distinctive sonic identity, LUCIFER boldly emerge as a force with a sound uniquely their own. LUCIFER‘s music grabs your attention, and you can notice a change in how the guitars sound—now they’re thicker and rougher. The drums played by Nicke Andersson stand out more, taking a bigger spotlight. But in all these changes, one thing stays the same: Johanna Sadonis‘ singing is still hauntingly beautiful and clear. The enigmatic Swedish/German band is set to unleash their latest musical opus, “V,” on January 26th, 2024, through Nuclear Blast.

The album begins with the opening anthem, “Fallen Angel,” resonating with a distinct BLACK SABBATH and early IRON MAIDEN vibe, characterized by sensational twin guitar harmonies. This track serves as the portal into LUCIFER‘s immersive sound, casting a haunting spell that captivates the listener from the get-go. The echoing guitar harmonies set the stage, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in the dark and melodic occult rock quest that lies ahead.

As the listening experience progresses with “At The Mortuary,Johanna‘s tempting vocals lead you in, weaving a tale accompanied by a spooky organ interlude. The guitars then shift to a denser, rugged tone, harmonizing with Johanna‘s hauntingly beautiful vocals. The song begins with church bells and a doomy riff, delivering a British ’70s vibe. LUCIFER seamlessly transition into ghoulish hard rock with keyboards, crafting a morbid and gloomy atmosphere, showcasing their versatility within a single track.

The album continues to unfurl with enchanting twin guitar wizardry in the steadfast rocker, “Riding Reaper.” This track sustains the momentum, propelled by the assertive presence of Nicke Andersson‘s drums. In addition to their powerful and catchy rock anthems, LUCIFER demonstrate their versatility with slower tempos. “Slow Dance In A Crypt” stands out as a robust, bluesy-oriented ballad featuring a fantastic vocal performance. A compelling chorus and captivating piano notes, create a beautiful sonic landscape. This moment allows the guitars to weave a melancholic melody, while Johanna Sadonis‘ vocals remain impressive.

A Coffin Has No Silver Lining” channels the spirit of NWOBHM, infusing the song with catchy melodies and captivating harmonies. Meanwhile, the acoustic introduction of “Maculate Heart” establishes a contemplative mood before Nicke Andresson sparks a tempo change, launching the band into a dark and melodic boogie. This dynamic shift showcases LUCIFER‘s ability to seamlessly blend different influences, adding further depth to the album.

V” is a testament to LUCIFER‘s ability to craft a sonic narrative that is both intense and diverse. From the fiery realms of heavy metal to the haunting echoes of atmospheric melodies, the album takes the listener on a dark and captivating journey. With each track, LUCIFER proves that they are masters of their craft, seamlessly blending Johanna Sadonis’ evocative vocals with the instrumental prowess of the entire band. “V” is a must-listen for fans of the occult, the heavy, and the beautifully macabre.

The Dead Don’t Speak” quickly establishes its groove, resembling the ’70s with a unique twist—imagine BLACK SABBATH backing the singers from ABBA! This unexpected fusion undeniably works, creating a distinctive and engaging sound. As “Strange Sister” unfolds, it takes on a serious gothic glam persona, riding along on Harald Gotthblad’s solid bassline. This sets the stage for the final dark lament of “Nothing Left To Lose But My Life,” concluding the album with a powerful and evocative bluesy song. LUCIFER’S ability to seamlessly blend genres adds a layer of unpredictability, keeping the listener captivated from start to finish.

Written by Peter Jerman


  1. Fallen Angel
  2. At The Mortuary
  3. Riding Reaper
  4. Slow Dance in A Crypt
  5. A Coffin Has No Silver Lining
  6. Maculate Heart
  7. The Dead Don’t Speak
  8. Strange Sister
  9. Nothing Left To Lose But My Life


Johanna Platow Andersson – Vocals
Martin Nordin – Guitar
Linus Bjorklund – Guitar
Harald Gothblad – Bass
Nicke Andersson – Drums/Guitar


Nuclear Blast