REVIEW: Jinjer – Macro


After their hard-hitting EP “Micro”, the Ukranian groove/progressive metal outfit JINJER is back with their brand-new album, named “Macro”. Thematically, and musically a follow-up of the EP. The album comes out on 25 October 2019 through Napalm Records.

Check out our interview from last summer with bass player Eugene Abdukhanov here.

The album opens up with “On The Top”, the second single of the album. “On The Top” starts out pretty good, but then it gradually increased in quality. Odd-time signatures, and progressive basslines bring forth a djent-like atmosphere in the music. More than that there are other elements in JINJER‘s sound that make their blend of music truly unique: groove, jazz, even reggae at times. The former is clear with a song like “Judgement (& Punishment)”, which truly stands out as a track from all the songs released in 2019 due to its individuality. “Retrospection” on the other hand, takes a turn, as it starts off with a soothing guitar melody in a native tongue. The song gets heavier as it progresses, and once again Tatiana Shmailyuk‘s vocal delivery is outrageous, finding a balance in both clean vocals and monstrous growls, her performance in every song is top-notch. Progressive metal fans will find the groovy bass line in “Pausing Death” to die for, but the complex drum pattern is also something worth mentioning in this song. “Pausing Death” is probably the aggressive track on the album. But it’s “Home Back” that is perhaps my favorite track on “Macro”. The song incorporates those elements of jazz that I mentioned before and makes this a true hybrid song creating a fresh and creative sound that previously only bands like DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA have managed to sustain. “The Prophecy” starts off really aggressively, but mellows out through its progression, leading us to the closing track “lainnereP” (yes, that is “Perennial” spelled in reverse), which is by far the most atmospheric track on the album. If you’re wondering why the title refers to the EP, the song reprises a tune from “Micro”.

By injecting and fusing different genres into their groove metal, JINJER has created another combination of sinister, mindblowing tracks that arguably could form one of the best albums delivered this year. With 41 minutes worth of material “Macro” doesn’t have one minute that’s boring, it’s a very experimental record that at the same time makes a lot of sense, is consistent and beautifully produced. Be it the guitars, drum patterns, wild bass lines or Tatiana‘s ferocious growls and energetic clean vocals, everything in this album has panache.


1. On the Top
2. Pit of Consciousness
3. Judgement (& Punishment)
4. Retrospection
5. Pausing Death
6. Noah
7. Back Home
8. The Prophecy
9. lainnereP


Tatiana Shmailyuk – vocals
Roman Ibramkhalilov – guitars
Eugene Abdukhanov – bass
Vladislav Ulasevish – drums


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