REVIEW: Countless Goodbyes – Cycles


It is no secret that – while not my favourite genre – the metalcore scene includes some of my favourite bands, such as PARKWAY DRIVE and WHILE SHE SLEEPS. Closer to home, my interest was recently spiked by a debut album called “Cycles”, released April 19th by Finnish metalcore act COUNTLESS GOODBYES.

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“From my demons I cannot hide, for my demons are angels in disguise” – “Hiding From Myself”, “Cycles”, 2019

The first thing I noticed when you compare “Cycles” to earlier work such as demo “Innocent” and following 2012 “Broken and Shattered”, is a clear style shift in sound. The band clearly put in effort to take it to the next level for this debut. Frontman Onni Kivikaarre does this by adding clean vocals to his harsh screams and growls. It definitely works, but as a listener I sometimes wished the same emotion I found in the more brutal vocals could shine through in the cleaner vocals as well. Especially since this record lyrically deals with deeper topics such as mental health (“Hiding From Myself”), and the downward spiral we as humans are potentially sending this world into.

That being said, tracks such as “The Fallen” and “Butterfly Effect” give me exactly what I would expect from an awesome metalcore band: heavy breakdowns, punchy hooks, and irresistibly melodic riffs. I like how this record immediately starts off with a bang, leaving no metalcore stone unturned. The verses have great, swelling build-ups to the chorus, and the rhythmic guitar/bass work is what truly got me headbanging. The penultimate track, “No Escape”, left a distinct impression on me, because it is a song that showcases the true creativity of the band, and I’ve got a feeling there is going to be plenty more of where that came from. The record’s last song – “Hourglass” – is where Onni Kivikaarre honestly impressed me with his vocal abilities, his true potential breaking through and blowing me away.

I am not going to say that this is groundbreaking stuff, but does it really have to be? The record is an explosive ball of energy and emotion, and this just happens to be what I personally love about metalcore. The band is right to be proud of what they have accomplished with “Cycles”, and – having been on stage with giants such as ASKING ALEXANDRIA and AUGUST BURNS RED – I am quite sure we haven’t heard the last of them yet.


1. The Fallen
2. Butterfly Effect
3. Faith In Me
4. Memories Left Behind
5. Enemy
6. Hiding From Myself
7. Are You With Me
8. Who We Are
9. No Escape
10. Hourglass


Jancarlo Rodriguez – Guitar
André Rodriguez – Drums
Ilari Ukkola – Guitar
Lauri Lilja – Bass
Onni Kivikaarre – Vocals


Inverse Records