REVIEW: Aversions Crown – He Will Come For Us All


I was still in high school when the Australian deathcore act AVERSIONS CROWN had released their debut album. Their music was angry, beefy, and very technical; something that felt both fresh but not yet fully realized. Somewhere around 2014, they released the single, ”Overseer,” which blew me away with its atmosphere and brutality, soon to be followed by the massive deathcore-fueled album, “Tyrant.” I really loved that album and felt like it was doing something great with its approach to the so-called “aliencore”-genre. However, the 2017 album, “Xenocide,” completely missed the mark on me and I still don’t really listen to it as it felt like a cheaper version of everything they had done previously. Now the harbingers of extraterrestrial doom are back with their fourth effort, “He Will Come For Us All,” released by Nuclear Blast Records on 12 June 2020.

You can immediately hear that AVERSIONS CROWN have achieved an album that is much more clearly defined and realized than their previous release. Nine songs full of overblown sonic destruction fill the album, which seems to have taken a lot of influences from other big modern deathcore names. Songs have much more focus this time around and everything feels much more fleshed out.

The album opener “The Soil” is filled with the coldness of a dying sun radiating its last beams to the black universe, soon to be followed by a burst of intense blast beats and black metal inspired riffing. “Born In The Gutter” throws the listener in the midst of a whirlwind of thrashing drums and quick dual-guitarwork in an interesting fusion of death metal and thrash metal.

Many other songs, such as “Paradigm” and the title track, continue in the vein of fusing deathcore with more blackened elements – something that seems to be done more and more in modern deathcore. However, “Hymn of Annihilation” and “Sorrow Never Sleeps” take a much more atmospheric turn where the focus is on dissonant, ominous, and reverb-drenched melodic motifs while crushing instrumentation drives everything forward. The last track on the record, “The Final Judgment,” is just as hopeless and pummeling as you can ask from AVERSIONS CROWN; it’s like a black hole compressed inside a human mind.

It seems that these Aussies have finally found a style that suits them well. “He Will Come For Us All” is filled with songs that work from the beginning to the end and they seem much more hell-bent on bringing the listeners some heavy and atmospheric tracks filled with raw energy and emotion. However, it should be pointed out that you can immediately hear that they have taken some crystal clear directions by FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY and THY ART IS MURDER. I realized this the second I heard the opening track. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the result is a strong and great sounding record, and they do throw in some other influences, such as the more blackened-approach to deathcore, similar to LORNA SHORE and even CABAL. Ultimately, the most important thing is the fact that the record is great and the songs feel like they work.

Written by Samuel Järvinen


1. The Soil
2. Born In The Gutter
3. Paradigm
4. Caught In The System
5. Hell Will Come For Us All
6. Scourge Of Violence
7. Hymn Of Annihilation
8. Sorrow Never Sleeps
9. The Final Judgement


Chris Cougan – Electric guitar

Jayden Mason – Drums

Mick Jeffrey – Electric guitar

Mark Poida – Vocals

Joshua Taafe – Bass guitar


Nuclear Blast