Mors Subita release new music video and single “Sick.”


MORS SUBITA, the modern melodic death metal band hailing from Oulu in Finland’s North, just released their new video/single “Sick,” taken off their upcoming album. Watch the official video “Sick” here:

Eemeli Bodde, singer and the song lyricist. states about the new song:
“’Sick’ tells a story about twisted dark corners of the human mind and how one can use that sickness to manipulate others and force things to go your way no matter the cost. The track is pure aggression and spite from the first note to the last and is a great introduction to the brutal side of our next album.”

MORS SUBITA will return with a new masterpiece later this year to be released worldwide via Out Of Line Music. Signature riffage, blistering drumming, and crushing bass lines make their identity. Their last album “Into the Pitch Black” proved that MORS SUBITA has only just begun to push the boundaries of their musicianship and songwriting to continue to rise as one of the top emerging acts amongst the Finnish melo-death elite.

“The album will hit you like a ten-ton hammer in the head. Once you get over the first shockwave, you get a second hammer punch, but the hammer is now on fire, and you are on fire, and everything around you is on fire and then you come to a soothing icecream interlude, but then the ice cream turns to napalm.. and then the hammer again and then again, and again.. and then the album is over. and you feel violated, but strangely good. Then you listen to the album again.” -MORS SUBITA

Preorder/stream ‘Sick’ here