Progressive metal act Keoma release new single “Gaia.”


Deriving inspiration from the mysteries of the universe and from unknown worlds, KEOMA releases their long-awaited new single “Gaia” on 17 July 2020. Their new lead singer, Katri Hiovain, as well as their longtime drummer, Sami Lönnberg, will be heard for the first time on this recording. Watch the video here:

“Gaia” is a story of the goddess of creation, who is forced to resort to the power of rage and destruction to exterminate the pestilence that afflicts her. The greed of humankind is out of control, consuming all natural resources and diminishing the vitality of the Earth. Destruction of the world as we know it is the only key to unlock the path for something new, miraculous, and pure.

The mood of the versatile song ascends from delicate to brutal and epic. In addition to the song itself, the cover art and the music video are created by the band.

KEOMA is currently working on their second album. Multiple singles will be released during this year, and the album is scheduled to be released in 2021. Despite the tight recording schedules, the band will make time for some live shows as well.

Keoma is:

· Katri Hiovain – Vocals

· Eero Saikku – Guitar, backing vocals

· Jaakko Stenius – Guitar

· Jaakko Saloranta – Bass, backing vocals

· Sami Lönnberg – Drums

· Sampo Vesa – Keyboards