Playlist of My Life: Spellgoth (Turmion Kätilöt, Slave’s Mask, Horna) (Musicalypse Archive)


The name Spellgoth may bring several bands to mind. This Finnish fellow from Savo can be found in many bands, from TURMION KÄTILÖT and HORNA to BAPTISM and SLAVE’S MASK, all the way over to TROLLHEIM’S GROTT and BLACK DEATH RITUAL! With that many bands under his belt, we felt it was only fitting to get the playlist of his life for you!

1. The first song you remember hearing as a child

“Harakka huttua keittää” (Finnish trad)

2. The first song you can recall ever really and truly loving

“Natassja in Eternal Sleep” by DARKTHRONE

3. A song that you loved as a teenager/reminds you of high school

“Mother North” by SATYRICON

4. The song or band that got you into metal music (or the current genre you play in)


5. The most recent song to get stuck in your head

Some song by Kaija Koo which I just happened to hear

6. Your guilty pleasure song/band

Not really guilty pleasures as I have nothing to hide but I think Peaches could be one.

7. The first album you bought with your own money/the first album you were really excited to own

SEPULTURA‘s “Arise” and “Beneath the Remains” LPs

8. A song that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a hot beverage

Any song by Chelsea Wolfe

9. A song to blast at full volume while you’re on the road

CANNED HEAT: “On the Road Again”

10. The song you’d most like to be played at your funeral

SPIRITUAL FRONT: “Jesus Died in Las Vegas”

Interview by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2016
OV: 4375



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