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If you’re a fan of local music and good old fashioned power metal, you might be familiar with FORCE MAJEURE, who originated from Järvenpää originally in 1998. Their latest release was “Saints of Sulphur” in 2011, though rumor has it that there is a new album in the works, featuring their new vocalist, Markus Lång. Though members have come and gone over the years, founding members Eemeli Ojanen and Jussi Reuhkala have stayed together through thick and thin, so here is the playlist of the latter’s life!

1. The first song you remember hearing as a child

The first one I really remember hearing and liking is Kirka’s “Hengaillaan.” It came out in ’84 so I was the tender age of 3 back then. Some other vague memories I have of hearing songs from ABBA, THE CARPENTERS, Cyndi Lauper, or “Mörköooppera” by Marjatta Pokela, but I think Kirka was the first.

2. The first song you can recall ever really and truly loving

I have liked songs over the years but love being a bit stronger term, there is only one song that earns that – IRON MAIDEN‘s “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.” I still love it by the way! It was a dream come true to see IrMa play it live in 2013. It has become some kind of adjective expressing ultimate joy, awesomeness, and all possible nice things… you wanna say those things? Just say “Seventh Son!”

3. A song that you loved as a teenager/reminds you of high school

IN FLAMES“Dialogue with the Stars”

4. The song or band that got you into metal music (or the current genre you play in)

It was GUNS ‘N’ ROSES, not sure of the song though. Maybe “You Could be Mine”? GNR acted as a gateway to IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, and MEGADETH in early ’90s.

5. The most recent song to get stuck in your head

“Hey Lord!” by HELLOWEEN. Its chorus is an earworm of the catchiest kind.

6. Your guilty pleasure song/band

I don’t feel so much guilt about it but I have a thing for ’90s Eurodance. For example SASH!“Ecuador” could perhaps be seen as guilty pleasure. Or Scatman John“Scatman World”… which always reminds me of nice times in Salla.

7. The first album you bought with your own money/the first album you were really excited to own

I come from the age of cassette tapes so my first album was either QUEEN‘s “Greatest Hits II” or ROXETTE‘s “Tourism” on a cassette. The first CD was some weird album by Alice Cooper that is not listed even on his official discography. Possibly some sort of bootleg but I remember my disappointment since it had nothing to do with stuff he had on “Trash,” which was my favorite back then.

8. A song that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a hot beverage

This must be SEVENTH WONDER“Mercy Falls”… the whole album. You need to enjoy its story as a whole, not just one song, so one needs a couch to withstand its epicness. I must say though, alongside listening, I prefer cold beverages!

9. A song to blast at full volume while you’re on the road


10. The song you’d most like to be played at your funeral

As most likely David Shankle (ex-MANOWAR) is not going to be available for one of his awesome guitar solos to be performed live, I am going to go with Hans Zimmer“Interstellar theme” performed on a piano or church organ.

Interview by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2016
OV: 2569



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