Playlist of My Life: Blind Hen Special Edition (Musicalypse Archive)


This week’s playlist(s) come from another relative newcomer: BLIND HEN. This collective from Helsinki, Hyvinkää, and Riihimäki take influences from bands like KINGSTON WALL, ALICE IN CHAINS, AMORPHIS, and ANATHEMA, among others. They have already released three singles that have been out for a while, with a fourth just recently released. This week we have the playlist of Antti Valkama (bass) and Tero Kalliomäki‘s (guitar) lives for you!

1. The first song you remember hearing as a child

Antti: Elvis Presley“Tutti Frutti.” This song really hit me. I remember like it was yesterday. It was hot summer day maybe ’88 or so. I was sitting in my father’s Toyota and this was in the cassette player. I felt the groove and the voice of Elvis. I was blown away.

Tero: “Nightflight to Venus” by Boney M. I remember that vinyl in my stepfather’s collection and I listened to that album because of that mysterious and cool cover. I still love that song and I even saw Boney M. live in Finland couple of years ago.

2. The first song you can recall ever really and truly loving

Antti: GUNS ‘N’ ROSES“Paradise City.” Catching verse, Axl‘s voice, black and white music video, the “danger feeling of the band.”

Tero: “Touch Me” by Samantha Fox.

3. A song that you loved as a teenager/reminds you of high school

Antti: FU MANCHU“Evil Eye.” The first stoner song I heard. Simple, catchy.

Tero: “When the Sun Burns Red” by KREATOR.

4. The song or band that got you into metal music (or the current genre you play in)

Antti: SEPULTURA“Beneath Remains” and METALLICA“Master of Puppets.”

Tero: “Fragile Dreams” by ANAMTHEMA. ANATHEMA got me into world of doom, atmospheric, and progressive music.

5. The most recent song to get stuck in your head


Tero: “Kingston” by BLIND HEN. I was just in the studio mixing that song and it still plays in my head… ”You must kill it, you must kill it”

6. Your guilty pleasure song/band

Antti: RUSH“Limelight”

Tero: There isn’t that kind of songs; if you like something, you just like it even if it’s weird for you.

7. The first album you bought with your own money/the first album you were really excited to own

Antti: METALLICA“Masters of Puppets”

Tero: METALLICA“Ride the Lightning”

8. A song that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a hot beverage

Antti: Richard Ashcroft “A Song for the Lovers”

Tero: “One Last Goodbye” by ANATHEMA

9. A song to blast at full volume while you’re on the road

Antti: KYUSS“Green Machine”

Tero: DEICIDE“Scars of the Crucifix.” One of my favorite death metal songs, ever.

10. The song you’d most like to be played at your funeral

Antti: MAD SEASON“Wake Up.” (Okay, I will not wake up, but it’s the most beautiful song)

Tero: SAATTUE“Varjojen Saattue.” It’s one of songs that I’ve composed, written lyrics for, and I’m very proud of it. And it’s been made with good friends of mine.

Interview by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2017
OV: 2222



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