OVERVIEW: These bands are hosting a live stream


The coronavirus has now officially raised alarm in Finland, as many events and concerts with over 500 attendants are being canceled around the country, halting some of your favorite acts from performing live. Luckily, some bands around the world have shown the initiative to play live after all, and stream the performance. This gives you the unique possibility to experience a show while enjoying the comfort of home. We have gathered an overview for you, which we will update as more news comes along:


14 March 2020: Code Orange: Last Ones Left
17 March 2020: Dropkick Murphys: Streaming Up From Boston.
18 March 2020: Litku Klemetti
18 March 2020: Zucchero
20 March 2020: Ike Rann
20 March 2020: Karin Park
21 March 2020: Metsatöll: Party Time During The Plague
21 March 2020: Necrophobic
21 March 2020: Corvus Corax
21 March 2020: Kadavar
22 March 2020: Beyond The Black (acoustic set)
24 March 2020: Within Temptation: Together At Home
27 March 2020: Me And That Man
28 March 2020: Ye Banished Privateers


3 April 2020: Shiraz Lane
9 April 2020: Wolfheart: Exclusive virtual gig (no stream)
30 April 2020: Mokoma


3 May 2020: Cellar Darling: Live at Soundfarm Studio

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