OPEN CALL for contributors


We’re excited to announce that Tuonela Magazine is looking for contributors for our webzine...

The position is open to all who have a heart for heavy music, but high fives if you're good with words, social media is your BFF, and have some experience in the blogging world. Familiarity with WordPress is a plus, too! Some of your best qualities are your English language skills, punctuality, and being familiar with all kinds of heavy metal music. You are willing to learn a bunch of new bands and broaden your horizons when it comes down to Finnish metal music.

What articles would you write?

For now we are mostly looking for writers to contribute in the following: album reviews, editorials, featured single thread. Later on, this could be expanded to live reports and interviews.

How many contributors are we looking for? 

We are looking for about five contributors, depending on availability and schedules.

How often do you need to contribute? 

Ideally, contributors will post weekly or bi-weekly, on a set day. However, we are open and willing to be flexible to work with your schedule. 

Is this a paid position?

Not at this time, but who knows what the future holds! It’s a great opportunity to gain more experience and get to know a great lot of people! 

Interested? Email us for more details: 

PLEASE NOTE: When applying, please make sure you send us your blog link or past writing experience. Please let us know what genres you are interested in writing about as well. Please write CONTRIBUTOR  – YOUR NAME in the subject line.