Hellsinki Metal Horizons 2022 – Daily lineups and last band additions


Hellsinki Metal Horizons announced last batch of bands: Humanity’s Last Breath, Celeste and local heroes Kalmah, Omnivortex, Satan’s fall, Cannibal Accident, and Nestruction close the festival lineup.

Simultaneously, the daily lineup has been disclosed and a small glimpse was provided on the upcoming special program with the announcement of the afterparty bands.

Hellsinki Metal Horizons, a club festival with eyes to the horizons, scouring the metalverse for acts that you don’t see every summer around every corner!

The main festival event will take place June 10th-11th at Ääniwalli, in the Vallila district of Helsinki, with a warm-up club gig at downtown On The Rocks, on June 9th

Expect to find more than just bands, as the event is designed as an experience, of which more will be revealed in due time.

Hellsinki Metal Horizons is brought to you as a collaborative effort from Elektrik Products (EP) and Enslain and with the support of TheBlackPlanet zine. Horizons can be seen as a cousin event to EP’s well-established and long-revered Hellsinki Industrial Festival incorporating the same high-quality visuals and venue trimming.

Widen your metal horizons! 

Limited amount of early-bird tickets is now available!