GALLERY: 8.8.2021 Siekiera Festiwal @ Pola Osbowickie, Wrocław


I’ve been quite skeptical as to whether Siekiera Festiwal would actually be taking place, as cancelling events has been a sad trend for the last 1½ years. I mean, come on, it’d be too good to be true that even a small festival with a sweet lineup would take place. When I realised that it was really, actually taking place, I immediately ran to the promoters to ask for a press pass. That brings us to August 8th, 2021, when I arrived at the gate after a short ride (as the fest took place in my lovely city of Wroclaw).

The first word that comes to mind is progress. I was there 2 years ago and since then, the promoters have taken complaints and suggestions into consideration and things have vastly improved. It was not perfect by any means, but they showed true growth and improvement. Things like the backstage, the general layout, the food and drinks, and scheduling were better than last time. I’ll gladly participate in that!

They managed to gather plethora of smaller, not only local bands but also household names, like AZARATH, DEUS MORTEM, BESATT, DOOMAS, HATE, and CORRUPTION, as well as my absolute favorite, NUCLEAR VOMIT. Here are the photos, by yours truly!







Photos by Maria Sawicka