GALLERY: 7.10.2021 Black Crucifixion, Havukruunu & Astral Corpse @ On The Rocks, Helsinki


After this show had to be postponed several times, it was finally possible to see BLACK CRUCIFIXION back in action. About 25 months have passed since the band’s last live show, the occasion being their 30th anniversary. The timing was also appropriate as, in a little more than a month, their new release “Triginta” will see the light of the day. 

So inside of an On The Rocks that is now working at 80% of its capacity (the show was sold out), in this night organized in collaboration with the local Aalto University metal club (Mökä), the first to warm up the stage was ASTRAL CORPSE, fronted by the drummer of fellow black metallers GLOOMY GRIM. The guys have recently released their third demo, entitled “Fractal Forest,” and this was a good opportunity for them to present their material in front of tonight’s largely young crowd.

Next was HAVUKRUUNU. Suddenly the hall was full, as proof of how much attention the band has received and of their growing reputation over the last few years. The four-piece held their ground well and delivered a show that left the fans more than happy. It seems this was, for many, the main event of the night: when the time came for BLACK CRUCIFIXION to hit the stage, unlike just a few moments earlier, the front of the stage was mostly empty.

The band gave a solid show nonetheless, in line with what the more seasoned faction of the audience – now the majority of the crowd – expected. The frontman, Forn, provided additional entertainment as usual with his trademark grimaces, while shifting from one side of the stage to another. Starting from the initial “Where Will You Hide,” the evening flew by, and the new material worked out very well live. “Goddess Of Doom” first wrapped up the set and the final encore, “As Black As The Roses (As Weak As My Smile),” concluded the gig.

From the atmosphere, all the familiar faces, as well as the bands playing on stage, the feeling on this night was as if there had never been a break over these past few years.