GALLERY: 6.8.2021 – Day 1 – Saarihelvetti @ Viikinsaari, Tampere


With a wave of the Delta coronavirus variant hitting Finland, there was no certainty that 2021’s SaariHelvetti festival at Viikinsaari in Tampere would go forth. However, with new regulations coming out on August 9th, NEM Agency was able to tighten up the rules for the 2-day event and provide the live-starved metalheads of Finland an opportunity to rock the fuck out a bit and let loose some of that pent-up COVID-19 energy, while still being safe. While the main event took place on August 6-7th, 2021, some of us headed out to the island already on August 5th to see APOCALYPTICA and their guests. Check out the day 2 gallery tomorrow and stay tuned for the festival reports after that.



I Revolt


Spiritus Mortis

Swallow The Sun

One Morning Left



Photos by Miia Collander & Juho Jokimies