GALLERY: 6.11.2021 Awake Again & Omnium Gatherum @ Utopia, Turku


As OMNIUM GATHERUM released Origin on November 5th, 2021, which made for a good reason to do a mini-tour in Finland. One day later, we went to see their show at Utopia in Turku.

Support act OCEANHOARSE delivered a pretty rad show one day before at Tavastia, but unfortunately, singer Joonas Kosonen was suffering from the flu and lost his voice as a result. The four-piece, thus, had to cancel, but the Turku-based modern metal act, AWAKE AGAIN, got called in as a support act 8 hours before the scheduled showtime and they agreed to perform. There are very few bands who could pull off a spontaneous show like that, but AWAKE AGAIN is definitely one of them. Even more impressive is that this show was just the second round with their new drummer. It’s amazing to see how they are always full of energy and it’s always a pleasure to catch them live. As we talked with some people from the audience, they seemed to be as impressed by the newcomers as we were.

Then, it was time for OMNIUM GATHERUM. The melodic death metal act played a set lasting a little bit over 1½ hours, including a lot of songs from the new album, but also their older classics. One day after the event, we’re still feeling the effect of “Skyline” in our necks. Whether it was because the band hasn’t played live in a while or whether they have released fresh material, this was easily the best performance we have yet witnessed from them. In the end, it was an extremely dynamic show where you could feel the band’s hunger to play live. If we could, we would easily attend another one of their shows on this tour because the band are on fire!

Awake Again

Omnium Gatherum