GALLERY: 5.8.2022 Saarihelvetti – Day 1 @ Viikinsaari, Tampere


Arguably Tampere’s best festival these days, Saarihelvetti returned once again in 2022 with 2 days of heavy metal out on Viikinsaari, from August 5-6th, 2022. The boats were running around noon, so we strapped on our shields and helmets to head out to the island of hell to see what this year had to offer.

The first day opened with MARIANAS REST, whom we’ve been seeing around at a lot of festivals in recent years, and I AM THE NIGHT, which is another project to feature Markus Vanhala (OMNIUM GATHERUM, INSOMNIUM). It was interesting to see him without his signature Jackson V guitar for a change, and the music was pleasantly harsh. He was working double duty this day too, as OMNIUM GATHERUM also played not long after (with really spectacular lighting to boot!). DETSET was a relatively new experience for us, but we enjoyed their energy and sound – not knowing much about them before, we thought we should look them up. CALLISTO were another unfamiliar name, but they had a slow, moody ambiance that worked well with the gloomy weather.

SARURU were an interesting group of girls in bunny ears that were pretty entertaining on the small stage, while later, people were heavily divided between DEAD BY APRIL on the mainstage and Mikko Alatalo on the small stage – the latter had performed a really entertaining set at Nummirock and the stage area was packed for his show. Meanwhile, DEAD BY APRIL were another strong alternative to the more melancholic and doomy sounds of the other artists. MORS SUBITA brought the darker atmosphere back, and the makkarametallers of TURMION KÄTILÖT pounded some energy out to close the main stage. However, a PANTERA tribute played on the second stage as attendees made their way out to the boats. Thus concluded day 1!

Marianas Rest

I Am The Night


Omnium Gatherum



Dead By April

Mikko Alatalo

Mors Subita

Turmion Kätilöt

Pantera Tribute

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