GALLERY: 5.3.2022 Thurifer, Pressure Points, Where’s My Bible, & Machinae Supremacy @ Sammiosali, Lahti


March has arrived, which means coronavirus restrictions are being lifted in many countries the world round! For those few bands that had booked shows in March without needing to cancel or postpone, this means that they will indeed be hitting the stage! For me personally, there’s no better way to get back on the live horse, so to speak, than to see one of my tried and true favorites, MACHINAE SUPREMACY, with a band that I’m really growing to love, LOST IN GREY. Alas, this odd pairing was not meant to be, as the latter were forced to cancel due to a last-minute wave of the aforementioned coronavirus. With some shuffling of the other openers, WHERE’S MY BIBLE was moved to LOST IN GREY‘s slot. These bands, along with PRESSURE POINTS and last-minute addition, THURIFER, hit up an entirely new venue for me – Sammiosali in Lahti – on March 5th, 2022, and we were there bright and early to sneak in an interview before the show. Read the full live report here.


Pressure Points

Where’s My Bible

Machinae Supremacy