GALLERY: 5.10.2022 Gaerea, Saor, & Gaahls Wyrd @ U Bazyla, Poznan


On October 5th, 2022, GAAHLS WYRD – with the support of Portuguese GAEREA and Scottish SAOR – played in U Bazyla in Poznan as part of their European tour. 

GAEREA was the first band to kick off the show. Less than 2 weeks before the concert in Poznan, the band released their third album, “Mirage,” which has received the same positive reviews as their live performances. The band can really put on a show and their black stage outfits with baggy masks added a bit of a mysterious atmosphere to them. GAEREA surely has the potential to become one of the leading black metal bands in the next few years. 

The next one was Andy Marshall’s black metal project, SAOR. SAOR’s sound is very atmospheric and the inspirations from folk and Celtic sounds are significant. SAOR released “Origins” earlier this year in June. Although their set was short, they played both songs from the “Origins” and the previous albums, “Aura” and “Guardians”. I didn’t know this project very much before, but after their show, I definitely have SAOR’s albums on repeat. 

GAAHLS WYRD played songs from their debut, “GastiR – Ghosts Invited,” and EP “The Humming Mountain,” as well as from Gaahl‘s previous projects. They played, among others,  GOD SEEDS’ “Alt liv,” GORGOROTH’s “Carving a Giant” and “Exit – Through Carved Stones,” and TRELLDOM’s “Sannhet, Smerte og Død”. Although I’ve had the opportunity to see GAAHLS WYRD a few times already, their concert makes an impression on me each time. The gig was definitely one of the most important events this year for Polish black metal fans and the selection of songs on the setlist surely pleased both fans of old Gaahl songs and the fans of his new project.