GALLERY: 4.5.2022 Detset & Bloodred Hourglass @ On The Rocks, Helsinki


Back in March, BLOODRED HOURGLASS had a performance at Vanha Yliopilastalo in Helsinki with a few other great acts. I was really looking forward to that show, but the unimaginable happened and after 2 years I got finally hit by COVID. Luckily for me, the band was supposed to have another show in Helsinki, this time at On The Rocks on May 4th, 2022. As a bonus, we finally got to see Out of Line‘s latest Finnish signing, DETSET.

Having recently released their debut effort, “Vermeil,” DETSET was a great choice to open up for BLOODRED HOURGLASS. The band is originally from Tampere, which might explain why audiences in Helsinki still have to discover the band. While there were quite a few people already when the band started playing, most of them were sitting away from the stage and there were very few people on the floor. The band, however, didn’t seem to care much about the lack of people in front of the stage and interacted with the crowd nonetheless. They played a good number of songs from “Vermeil,” all really energetic and heavy songs to finally hear live. Let’s hope Helsinki learned their lesson now and has understood that DETSET is a band not to be missed!

Last year saw the release of BLOODRED HOURGLASS“Your Highness,” which even got them nominated for an award at the Emma Gaala. We already went to their show in Mikkeli late last year, where we first got to hear the new songs live, and they played through their new album entirely. The band had opted for a setlist heavily oriented towards “Your Highness” and thus played most of its killer tracks: “Veritas,” “Drag Me the Rain,” “Leaves,” “Tell Me About Yesterday Tomorrow,” though they chose to leave out one of my favorite tracks off the record, “My Prime of Kneel.” But other than that, the selection of new songs was really good. The audience also was really hyped up, as there was a lot of headbanging and even jumping with hands up during “Waves of Black.” Even though On The Rocks wasn’t completely sold out and there could have probably been a lot more people, there was a great atmosphere in the audience that I haven’t experienced in a while, as if people just picked up where they left off 2 years ago.


Bloodred Hourglass