GALLERY: 3.2.2023 Brymir @ Ravintola Torvi, Lahti


It had been almost 3 years since the last time BRYMIR were in Lahti. At that time, we were living on the edge of the lockdown and even the legendary venue, Torvi, had to close their doors the very next day, right after that show. This time, things were much, much better. BRYMIR released their amazing new album, Voices in the Sky,” in 2022 and after a successful tour in other parts of Europe with FINNTROLL, they decided to delight their fans in Finland with a tour here as well. 

Torvi isn’t the biggest venue around, but the atmosphere in this classic bar is unparalleled. It was nice to see that quite a few metal fans had found their way there and everyone seemed to enjoy their time. BRYMIR was kind enough to serve us their excellent music for a total time of 80 minutes – a respectable performance, especially from drummer Patrik Fält, blast-beating his way through the night. They played their latest album almost in its entirety and on top of that, some older classics. It quickly became clear that the audience really liked the new songs.

Lead singer Viktor Gullichsen took the audience like a proper frontman and got the crowd going. It was so pleasant to hear the massive choir parts from the new album with the band members singing along. The overall solid performance ended with the encore, “Wings of Fire,” and the band toasting with cheap Finnish beer cans in the air.

Photos by Juho Jokimies