GALLERY: 29.7.2021 Kairon; IRSE! & Radio Supernova @ G Livelab, Helsinki


As live music slowly starts resurfacing again, finally KAIRON; IRSE! has been able to perform in front of a live audience at G Livelab, Helsinki. The show – originally scheduled for February – saw the participation of Tampere-based shoegaze (or rather, self-proclaimed “mansegaze”) five-piece RADIO SUPERNOVA, who recently released their new record, “Takaisin.”

After a good warm-up gig, the headliners took the stage to play their latest effort “Polysomn” in its entirety – like they did for this year’s Roadburn “Svart Sessions” live recording. The magical atmosphere created by the alternative space rock band’s performance culminated in the final encore with “Valorians” (from “Ujubasajuba”) among the applauses of the seated audience inside of the venue. Surely a refreshing sight and a convincing gig after so long without any shows.

Check out our photo gallery of the magical event here…

Radio Supernova

Kairon; IRSE!

Photos by Marco Manzi