GALLERY: 28.07.2022 Obsidian Mantra, Old Skull, & Suffocation @ Akademia, Wroclaw


I decided to take a rather short trip down nostalgia lane on July 28th, 2022, to visit the Akademia venue in Wroclaw where I used to learn how to take photos, as I learned that SUFFOCATION would be in town. A perfect opportunity you say? Absolutely, but I learned very quickly that nostalgic things should remain back in our memories for a reason. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the gigs themselves… on the contrary, I rather enjoyed them. It’s just that in the photography department, the club was quite a challenge and I quickly recalled why I preferred to shoot elsewhere. It’s dark, musty, and has non-existent air circulation. 

The gig started with OBSIDIAN MANTRA and OLD SKULL, two very lovely Polish warm-up bands, to prepare the audience for the ultimate kick in the gut that was SUFFOCATION. Ah, good old SUFFOCATION. I can never get enough of the band; it’s just pure raw music that makes you want to mosh and smack people around you… all for the sake of good fun and cheer! Even if one is not really into death metal, one cannot just smile looking at lads putting 100% of themselves into the live act; the audience simply had to go absolutely insane to honor the occasion. 

And now, please enjoy my humble collection of pictures, which were carefully selected from the worst to acceptable.