GALLERY: 27.10.2023 All Hallows Ball: Hateful Chains, Anthrax Fields, & Dark Side Cowboys @ Nirvana, Turku


On a spooky autumn night on October 27th, 2023, there was a real treat for all the goths of Turku happening at the Nirvana club: the All Hallows Ball. The evening began with the performance of Turku locals, HATEFUL CHAINS. The group delivered almost an hour-long set consisting of somber Gothic compositions and haunting riffs. Lead vocalist Flora‘s haunting voice, combined with the band’s enchanting melodies, created a fully immersive experience.

Next up was a band from Tampere, ANTHRAX FIELDS, led by the very charismatic frontwoman Mouru. They started their performance with a theatrical intro straight from Shakespeare, moving on to faster, more punk-like compositions later in their set.

Eventually, after a longer intermission, DARK SIDE COWBOYS took the stage, dressed in leather coats and cowboy boots, with cowboy hats on their heads. They started strong with their newest single, “Undertaker,” which felt like a true breath of fresh air with its very characteristic country-like, bluesy riff. The audience swayed and danced through the rest of the concert and time flew by. Encouraged by the delighted audience, the band played two songs as an encore and left the stage accompanied by a loud applause. If you’re a seasoned fan of Gothic rock, you surely have heard of DARK SIDE COWBOYS, but if you’re new to the genre, definitely give the legendary band a spin. Check out our photo gallery here…

Hateful Chains

Anthrax Fields

Dark Side Cowboys

Photos by Magdalena Niemczura