GALLERY: 27.02.2022 Vader with Mentor & Dopelord @ A2, Wroclaw


VADER has kicked of their polish tour in Wrocław venue A2. The whole affair was precisely arranged, like a fine dining evening. 

The first band to perform was MENTOR, an intriguing hybrid of thrash and punk that delivered a solid kick to warm up the audience before the main course. Just to remind fans what is to happen soon.

The second to perform was DOPELORD, who seemingly had nothing to do with the rest of the lineup. This was however a much-needed break before the main punch in the gut was delivered. Seemingly more mellow, more groovy, but doom metal squad from Lublin presented some exquisite tunes to rock the audience. 

Finally, the main course arrives. Ladies, gents, VADER has arrived and they have no wish to take any prisoners! Alive that is. They have been an institution for many years and no wonder. They always deliver a quality show, with a killer setlist that leaves no room for fans to rest. They are one of Poland’s best hallmarks of metal music out there, fair and square.