GALLERY: 26.11.2022 Paha Lampi & Huora @ Utopia, Turku


November 26th, 2022, was a day to mark on our calendars, as it was the day that PAHA LAMPI played their debut show in Turku, warming up for well-known and well-beloved thrash metal act HUORA, at Utopia.

The opener, PAHA LAMPI, brought a good-sized crowd to see them on stage for the first time, with mosh pits firing up quite quickly. By the time HUORA was set to play, the venue was full; the event may have been nearly sold-out. HUORA did not disappoint, as people were moshing from the front to back of Utopia. It was an energetic and awesome Saturday evening!

Paha Lampi


Photos & notes by Sami Hinkkanen
Text by Bear Wiseman
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