GALLERY: 25.4.2023 Numento & Aephanemer @ On the Rocks, Helsinki


One of the most interesting new names in melodic death metal perhaps is the French symphonic melodeath act, AEPHANEMER. The band’s European tour had a stop at Helsinki and with local progressive metal act NUMENTO as support act, so we were sure to be there. We headed to On the Rocks on April 25th, 2023, for some good melodic vibes!

NUMENTO have been on our radar ever since they were added to the Tuska lineup and we were happy to see that the venue was already relatively packed when they performed. For such a fresh band, they have a great stage presence and it’s very entertaining to watch singer Katri H-A, who for a brief moment also acted as a capo for the guitarist. Highlights of the show were the impressive “Smile” and the new track, “Spider.”

The French AEPHANEMER are a band that have been recommended to me quite a few times, so I thought it was about time to finally check them out. With little experience with their music, I went to their show with an open mind and was amazed by their blend of melodic death metal. The band struggled with some technical difficulties at the beginning of their show (there was a hole in one of the drums’ skins), but despite that minor setback, they managed to completely take control of the stage. The audience was very encouraging and altogether happy and expressed this by shouting along loudly and pumping their fists in the air. Some of the highlights of the show included “The Sovereign” and “Bloodline.” Altogether, we hope the organization saw the worth of having this band perform in Helsinki again, I wouldn’t mind catching a few more of their shows!



Photos by Laureline Tilkin