GALLERY: 20.10.2022 Voidfallen, Torchia & Scar Symmetry @ Utopia, Turku

  • On October 21st, 2022, Heavy Metal Heart Agency hosted their annual club festival at On the Rocks in Helsinki; however, the group of VOIDFALLEN, TORCHIA, and SCAR SYMMETRY were able to warm up at Utopia Klubi in Turku the night before.

VOIDFALLEN kicked off the evening as the crowd began to trickle in, and put on an enjoyable and energetic performance for those who took the time to show up early. TORCHIA then kept the energy up as more people joined the crowd, which had grown to a reasonable size when it came time for SCAR SYMMETRY to take the stage. If there had been energy before, these guys cranked the momentum up to 11. There was a nice moment in the middle of the show where they sang happy birthday to their Finnish agent, Nanda Hellberg, who just so happens to run Heavy Metal Heart Agency. This was my first opportunity to see SCAR SYMMETRY live and I would definitely go and see them again – I really enjoyed the show!



Scar Symmetry

Pics by Sami Hinkkanen
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